Carol Burnett And Jim Nabors Create Comedy Gold In An Unforgettable Blind Date Sketch On The Carol Burnett Show, Leaving Audiences In Stitches

Bynguyen hang

May 30, 2024

Legendary comedic actors Carol Burnett and Jim Nabors went on an unforgettable and hilarious blind date on The Carol Burnett Show.

Marriage, and everything that comes with it, is one of the best things in life. Nothing beats spending and enjoying life with the love of your life. However, getting to that point can be frustrating and, sometimes, even maddening.

Dating takes work. It’s essentially a system based on trial and error, spending time with someone as you try to determine if they are a good match. Sometimes, it works; other times, a first date is all the information you need to know that it will not work.

One of the most common forms of dating is a blind date. Usually, it means the two individuals have never met before their date. But Carol Burnett and Jim Nabors, in a hysterical skit, gave a blind date an entirely different meaning.

The skit posted on YouTube begins with Carol sitting on the couch talking to her mother. After a few moments, it becomes clear that Carol’s mother has set them up, hoping for a love connection. But Carol doesn’t have high hopes and doesn’t want someone who wears glasses, which she wears.

Jim rings Carol’s doorbell, and things get off to a wrong but hilarious start. Carol and Jim decide they will not wear their glasses on this date. Those decisions result in hysterical situations.

Even getting in the door becomes a chore without the ability to see. Carol mistakes her date for a coat and slams the door in Jim’s face several times.

Eventually, Jim does get into the apartment. They decide to enjoy a drink and dance, and Jim even tries to light Carol’s cigarette. It all turns into one mishap after another.

However, Jim and Carol develop a connection, and the date ends with one of the most awkward and weird kisses you’ve ever witnessed.

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