11-Year-Old Performs Incredible Cover Of Simon And Garfunkel Classic

ByQuyen Anne

Jan 22, 2024

Jayden Raylee is an 11-year-old girl with exceptional vocal talent. She recently uploaded a performance of the Simon and Garfunkel song “The Sound of Silence.” The song was written by Paul Simon in 1964, and the duo added the song to their album “Wednesday Morning 3 a.m.” in October of that year.

Jayden performed her version of the classic hit along with another young girl on the drums named Sina. The enormous reach of the YouTube platform allowed them to have a chance to gain worldwide recognition. In a short time, the uploaded video went viral. The young singer made a big impression on millions of streamers around the globe.

At the beginning of the performance, Jayden sits down with a microphone in front of her with a black background. The minimal presentation had a dramatic impact. Jordan’s soft and pleasant-sounding voice was well-treated with a slight amount of reverb that evoked the tender feeling of the classic folk tune. It was immediately apparent that she was not the average kid trying to carry a tune.

Jayden has a lovely voice that could do just about any song justice, but the soft, gentle style of the Simon and Garfunkel song was ideal for her. She had a poise and confidence that was beyond that of a normal 11-year-old. After a short while of Jayden singing, we get to see her young drummer accompanist in a split-screen format.

Sina also displays exceptional talent for her age, and the song takes on an even more compelling quality when her playing is added to the performance. Despite the youth of the two girls, it felt like a performance that could have been done by seasoned adults. They were relaxed and confident throughout the entire performance.

Their rendition of the song could be described as angelic, which is somewhat reminiscent of the classic duo from decades before. This seemed like the perfect choice for the girls out of all the Simon and Garfunkel discography. Simon and Garfunkel would probably find this rendition of their work delightful, especially considering the young age of the performers.

The person who shot the video seemed to know just how to capture the performance for maximum effect, zooming in at the perfect times and splitting the screen for added entertainment value.

Thanks to this outstanding production, over 14 million people have viewed this upload on YouTube, and the girls have gained another 300,000 subscribers on their channel. Jayden certainly has the talent to pursue a professional music career. The two girls will definitely be ones to watch in the coming years as their fame continues to grow.

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