12-Year-Old Greyson Chance Plays Piano – But When He Opens His Mouth, Video Goes Viral With 60 Million Views

ByQuyen Anne

Apr 5, 2024

In April 2010, 12-year-old Greyson Chance became an internet sensation with his cover of Lady Gaga’s “Paparazzi.” Performed at his school’s music festival in Edmond, Oklahoma, the video captured Greyson’s impressive piano skills – honed since he was eight – and a vocal talent that’s both natural and nurtured. His rendition stood out for its depth and emotion, showcasing a maturity beyond his years, largely attributed to his innate musicality and passion.

Let’s enjoy his stunning performance in the video below:

Initially, the video didn’t attract much attention, but everything changed on May 10, 2010. That day, websites like GossipBoy.ca and Reddit featured the video, sparking a domino effect. It quickly spread to other major platforms, including ryanseacrest.com and Buzzfeed, and caught the attention of celebrities like Ryan Seacrest, Ashton Kutcher, and Ellen DeGeneres, who shared it on Twitter. This exposure catapulted Greyson into the spotlight.

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More than a decade later, the video has garnered nearly 73 million views and over 714,000 likes on YouTube, proving the lasting impact of Greyson Chance’s unforgettable performance.

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One said, “It’s not just that this performance is incredible… It’s also that he got up there at an age when kids are afraid to do anything in fear of getting picked on and he just goes up there and absolutely levels the place. Wild. Definitely prodigy level stuff.”

Another commented, “That moment of silence as his voice reverberates around the room with the whole entire audience captivated is so magical and one of my favorite ever moments in music. Not surprised it’s the most replayed part, I’ve replayed it about 50 times myself.”

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