13-Year-Old Sings Michael Jackson Classic On “Sweden’s Got Talent.”

ByQuyen Anne

Nov 1, 2023

Countless musicians have covered one of the King of Pop’s most popular songs of all time, “Billie Jean.”But you’ve honestly never heard a version like this before, and from a teenage girl, no less!

The 1982 hit came out long before 13-year-old Paula Jivén was even born, but the young songstress has been singing for as long as she can remember. So, when it came time to show off her skills in her “Sweden’s Got Talent” audition, she practiced for months to prepare. And, boy does it show!


As the judges said at the end of her song, “We’ve had a lot of Michael Jackson imitators … but you come in here 13 years old and do it exactly your way, and that’s just incredible.” And when he says “your way,” he means it – because her cover of the song is like nothing we’ve heard before.


Seated at a piano on the dimly lit stage, Paula transformed the pop tune standard into something more akin to a soulful ballad.

And as you can tell, the judges definitely sat up and took notice.


“It was so perfect,”one judge gushed. “Everything that came out of your mouth was so beautiful,” she continued.

“It is so intelligently done,” another noted.


When all was said and done, Paula won the coveted golden buzzer from one judge who said, “You are my future idol. I will remember this for the rest of my life.”

Watch her stunningly beautiful audition below, and be sure to share this impressive performance with another Michael Jackson lover today!

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