16-Year-Old Sings “Hallelujah” Like An Angel And When Choir Joins In It’s Pure Heaven

ByQuyen Anne

Jan 21, 2024

Music is truly one of life’s great blessings. Some people use it to relax, some use it for entertainment and others use it for inspiration. In any case, it’s pretty hard to find somebody who doesn’t appreciate music to at least some extent.

In a similar vein, there are people who can carry a tune and there are singers who only need a couple of notes to convince us of their incredible musical talent.

One such singer named McKenna Breinholt is blowing the minds of viewers around the world with her latest cover song. And what tune is it? None other than the classic ‘Hallelujah!’ The singer teamed up on the song with the Cinematic Pop Orchestra and Choir and the results are simply breathtaking.

Although the popular song has been covered dozens of times throughout the years, it wasn’t an immediate commercial success in the original version its composer Leonard Cohen and only later found popular acclaim after being covered by first John Cale and then, most famously, Jeff Buckley.

Though many of the different versions offer a unique take on the classic song, this particular version sung by McKenna Breinholt is especially haunting.

When McKenna performed the track on June 9, 2015, the audience at the Mesa Arts Center located in Mesa, Arizona was left starstruck.

The singer has an incredible vocal talent and what’s most incredible: during this classic recording she was just sixteen years old!

The song starts out with the soothing sounds of the orchestra playing. The familiar strains on the gentle piano already give the listeners their first set of goosebumps.

But then, when the choir and McKenna join in with their amazing vocals, the song really begins to come together! McKenna’s angelic voice, backed up by the gorgeous vocals of the Cinematic Pop Choir, come together to produce a sound haunting enough to touch even the most hardened of listeners.

Clearly, McKenna has a talent that far exceeds her years on this earth. When you back her up with the sounds of a famous choir like this one, you get something that is so beautiful it can hardly be described with words.

To make the performance even more special, the group also sings the last verse of the song that is usually left out in other versions. You can listen to the incredible performance in the video below.

What do you think about McKenna’s cover with the Cinematic Pop Orchestra? How does it rank in your favorite versions of “Hallelujah”?

Make sure your friends and family hear this lovely rendition as well.

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