2 Year Old Boy Hits 16M Views With Incredible Drumming Performance

ByQuyen Anne

Dec 12, 2023

We’ve all been there. A friend or relative proudly pulls out their infant child’s scribblings or entices their child to sing Mary Had A Little Lamb or comically twitch her ears for the amusement of guests. At some point, even the most modest parents can feel the urge to show off a perceived skill mastered by their offspring. Parents will be parents

But what on earth would get any sane parents to enter their two-year-old child onto a major televised all-ages talent show? Who would carry their baby onto a stage in a crowded theatre and set him in front of a snare drum and block, armed only with two drumsticks, facing a row of judges? All I can say is well done to the parents of Hugo Molina!

Before Hugo came on stage, the live audience of the Spain’s Got Talent 2019 audition was asked not to applaud or cheer for Hugo in case he became overstimulated and unable to perform. This created an air of uncertainty when the young chap was placed at his drum station. “How do we play the drums, Hugo?” his father asked when Semana Santa, a traditional Easter fiesta march, started to sound. As you would have seen, Hugo pulled it off with aplomb.

At first, it seems like basic timekeeping, but when Hugo reaches for the block and starts pulling off intricate beats, one can only look on with wonder. To top it all, young Hugo’s face is delightfully impassive. “Astonishing” comes to mind. Which begs the question, how did Hugo Molina fare against the adult competition on Spain’s Got Talent? Well, the cute and very talented little fellow made the finals & WON SGT 2019! Here is another video of a gifted infant drummer, this time on a full drum kit.

I love the way three-year-old Lyonya Shilovsky needs to be coaxed away from the drums as he improvises an impressive extended solo at the end of the piece (Offenbach’s Can-Can). Back to young Hugo Molina and SGT 2019. I’m sure you’re itching to see the summary of Hugo’s winning run on the program. Enjoy.


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