7-Year-Old Girl Fills The Room With Heavenly Version Of Hallelujah

ByQuyen Anne

Feb 26, 2024

Think back to being seven. Toys, Play-Dough, BFFs. Maybe you could draw a mean stick figure with a bright Crayola crayon or plunk out Polly Wolly Doodle on the piano. Christmas would be Santa and presents, with famous carols gleefully shouted off-key. Fast forward to 2019 and a little girl named Veronica. She stands in the front of her church, curiously examining the flowers and seemingly ready for nothing out of the ordinary.

Her light blue untucked shirt complements her dark plaid school uniform skirt. Dark bobby socks and sensible shoes finish her outfit. Her blousy hair looks like she has just run in from a blustery storm.

She looks like a typical kid about to sing at a recital. Ben Bross, the guitarist, comes and sits nearby, and Veronica casually rubs her nose and watches as Ben gets ready to play. Veronica takes a breath and sings, and everything changes.

Her voice transfixes everyone who hears it. How can it be possible that this young lady sounds like a pure tone angel? Singing the religious version of Cohen’s “Hallelujah,” she is more than abundant raw talent. She has a pitch and control light years beyond her age.

In addition, she is incredibly relaxed. She puts soft sweet emotion into the stirring words, slowing her tempo at the precise moment, increasing vibrato with the skill of a Broadway star. She brings an ethereal reverence to the timeless song.

When she finishes, she seems modestly pleased. She genuinely doesn’t realize how absolutely astounding her talent is. One can only wonder what she will be like in a few years. Ben and Veronica smile at each other and she raises a small thumbs up. He fist-bumps her and she whispers, “You’re awesome,” to thank him for playing.

At the end of the video, she peers at the camera with a typical kid’s curiosity. “Does this only record voice?” she asks. It is the perfect finish. She transforms from a vocal angel back to an everyday little girl. The world has embraced her. After Ben posted the video to YouTube, it garnered over 5 million views.

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