A Night To Remember As Whitney Houston Delivered A Breathtaking Rendition Of “I Will Always Love You”

ByQuyen Anne

Apr 4, 2024

In 1992, Whitney Houston solidified her status as a legendary vocalist with her unforgettable rendition of “I Will Always Love You”. Despite already achieving success prior to its release, this iconic love song propelled her career and fame to unprecedented levels. Not only did the song become synonymous with expressions of love, but it also showcased the profound influence that music can have on individuals.

Whitney Houston : une bande-annonce pleine d'émotions pour son biopic - Elle

Fast forward to 1999, lucky audience members had the privilege of witnessing the enchanting talents of “The Voice” herself, as Houston delivered a mesmerizing live rendition of her signature song. Before captivating the audience with this timeless classic, Houston shared a heartfelt moment, emphasizing the inseparable connection between music and love.

She said “this evening is about kids, and music… I just had to do this next song, it’s just a requirement. You know, it’s all about love. And to me, music and love are the same thing. If our kids grow up with music in their lives, then there’s no question that they will always, always be loved.”

Since the video was shared on social media, it has amassed nearly 130 million views and received 769K likes, which are incredibly impressive figures.

Houston’s performance showcases why she is regarded as one of the most celebrated vocalists in the history of music. Her interpretation was impeccable, radiating with genuine emotions and a remarkable vocal ability.

This performance got countless positive comments such as “Her voice is a symphony, so feminine, you’ll fall in love with it. Her performance is unique.” Moreover, plenty of viewers admitted to getting goosebumps every time they enjoy this video.

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