“AGT” Judges Have Mixed Reactions When Darci Lynne Trades Her Puppets For Original Song

ByQuyen Anne

Apr 4, 2024

There are some chances in life that we simply have to take. For Darci Lynne, this includes her latest performance on AGT: Fantasy League. This talented ventriloquist made her AGT debut when she was only 12 years old, making it all-the-more impressive that she won! In the seven years that have passed, Darci has proven to have talent beyond those that involve her puppet friends.

In addition to ventriloquism, Darci has a real talent for singing. That’s why she’s pursuing a career in music! She tested the waters with a performance that had less of a focus on her puppet and more of a focus on Darci’s own singing. The judges urged her to stick with the talent she was brought on the show to do. But in her latest performance, not only did she not listen to their advice, she chose to sing all by herself!

Darci Lynne Ditches Puppets for an Unexpected AGT Performance

The multi-talented 19-year-old chose to sing an original song called Push Our Luck. In no time, she wins over the crowd with her powerful vocals and clever songwriting. Some of the judges, on the other hand, feel a bit torn. Still, Heidi Klum supports her brave decision.

“You know, I think as an artist, you need to follow your own instincts,” Klum says. “You have to, at some point, not listen to the noise anymore and you just have to do what’s in your gut. And that is maybe a risk, but this is what you wanted and you did it!”

Howie Mandel couldn’t have agreed more, pointing out the parallels between Darci Lynne and AGT judge Terry Crews.

Darci Lynne Sings New Original Single on AGT: Fantasy League | NBC Insider

“You’re standing beside a guy who’s not only a great host, but he’s an artist,” Mandel explains. “He’s an athlete. He’s a motivational speaker. Those are all parts of him. You’re a singer. You’re a ventriloquist. And thank you for sharing another side.”

Darci Lynne and her AGT journey are a great reminder that none of us should restricted by the expectations others may have about who we are or what dreams we follow!


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