An Incredible Vocal Performance That Many Grown Adult Singers Would Be Jealous Of

ByQuyen Anne

Nov 21, 2023

When people contend on talent shows across the globe, they come equipped with talent and a dream. Unfortunately, many of those who compete fall at the first hurdle, resulting in them having to pursue their dreams elsewhere or in other ways. Sometimes, however, someone appears on these shows that are an embodiment of their dream, and it’s clear to all immediately that they have true talent.

For ten-year-old Giorgia Borg, that dream was about to become a reality as she stunned the Britain’s Got Talent judges with an incredible vocal performance that many grown adult singers would be jealous of. Watch as she mesmerizes the audience with her original song in the video below:

There have only been a small handful of moments throughout Britain’s Got Talent’s aired history that have featured a Golden Buzzer. For those auditioning, this is the ultimate goal, and it features an incredible edge in the competition as a reward. A Golden Buzzer allows that contestant a guaranteed spot in the live semi-final of the competition, thus skipping the ‘boot camp’ stage of the competition and giving them an edge to winning the grand final.

A large variety of acts and performance styles have received the Golden Buzzer throughout Britain’s Got Talent’s history. In 2023, a delightful dance outfit called Ghetto Kids came from Uganda to audition for the show, bringing their loveable personalities and mission for healing through dance with them. They received a Golden Buzzer mid-performance, but that didn’t stop them from continuing their routine and dancing their heart out.

Returning to Giorgia’s performance, it’s easy to see why she would receive the Golden Buzzer. Hailing from Malta, this young talent presented her original song with flair and professionalism, despite the initial nerves that she mentioned before performing. Even though this crowd was the largest she had ever performed in front of, she presented herself with confidence and showed her potential in this audition.

For a ten-year-old, her original song “Ten” is rather profound. She explains that it’s about adults not listening to children and leaving them hanging around; but not before she also quickly explains that the song isn’t about her parents! This added maturity from Giorgia is likely another factor in why the judges saw so much talent in her and opted for the Golden Buzzer.

Despite her advantages with the Buzzer, Giorgia sadly didn’t make it past the semi-finals of the competition. In this heat, she performed another original song – Be Free – which was received very well overall despite Simon Cowell’s criticisms about the backing track. Despite this, she is still the youngest act to date to have received the Golden Buzzer in Britain’s Got Talent and has received nothing but praise since her performance. It’s certain that if she continues to hone her craft and release more music, she is sure to have a career of her own in the years to come. If you would like to see more from Giorgia Borg, you can follow her on Spotify.

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