Bob Newhart And More Join Dean Martin’s 1968 Christmas Special For Timeless Cheer

ByQuyen Anne

Dec 7, 2023

The Dean Martin Christmas Show from December 19, 1968, is a holiday classic that encapsulates the season’s essence with its timeless charm and humor. This video is a delightful journey through a Christmas past filled with music, laughter, and a generous holiday spirit.

The show opens with a lively production number. Dean Martin, Dean’s Girls, and the show’s dancers dressed as Santa Claus, setting the stage ablaze with “Look at That Face” and “Be A Santa.” The musical also has humorous vignettes featuring Dom DeLuise and Bob Newhart, ensuring the audience is in for a treat right from the start.

Dean Martin’s amazing sense of humor shines throughout the show. He has this effortless ability to turn everyday situations into hilarious anecdotes. And not to forget his brilliant vocals. Dean singing Bing Crosby’s hit “Marshmallow World” is not just a performance; it’s a happy experience that transports you to the heart of your childhood Christmas.

The stage, adorned with a Christmas wreath and female dancers in festive red Santa dresses, radiates the warmth and joy of the holidays. One of the show’s highlights is a hilarious sketch with Bob Newhart, playing a man sheepishly trying to return a toupee at a departmental store. The interaction between Martin, as the shop clerk, and Newhart is comedic brilliance.

The dialogue, especially involving the toupee’s unfortunate encounter with cheese dip, is uproariously funny and showcases their impeccable timing. Newhart’s comedy skills are so good that he cracks up Dean onstage, making him laugh uncontrollably.

Now, music plays a significant role in setting the festive atmosphere of the show. ‘The Gold Diggers’ performance of “Santa Claus Is Coming to Town” against a snowy backdrop is a nostalgic trip to Christmas in the 1960s. The medley by Dean Martin and The Golddiggers further enhances the show’s festive mood as they sing the classics like “Daddy,” “True Love,” and “We Wish You the Merriest.”

Next, Dom DeLuise’s skit as a traffic cop during the holiday rush is a standout. His encounter with Santa Claus, whom he skeptically refers to as “Saint Nicholas,” is filled with witty dialogue and sound effects that add to the humor of the situation.

The show also reflects the spirit of friendship and giving that defines Christmas. The gift exchange tradition in a short skit between Dean (Louis) and Dom (Charlie) is a heartwarming reminder of the season’s true essence.

The episode is not just about laughs; it has its share of tender moments. Piano tunes by Ken Lane, Bob Hope’s cameo ‘In The Door’ where Famous Stars come through, and Dom’s ‘After Party’ vignette contribute to the show’s rich and varied holiday offering. The spontaneity of the skit’s humor, especially when Dean hangs an inebriated Dom on a coat hanger, is genuine and infectious.

A touching segment of the show features children from the crew, with Dennis Weaver singing “The Marvelous Toy.” This segment underscores the message that Christmas is a time for children, adding a layer of warmth and sincerity. Next is a musical treat with the entire cast, including Bob Newhart and Dom DeLuise, singing classic Christmas carols, culminating the show in a melody of laughter, music, and yuletide cheer.

The episode also includes cameos from Frank Sinatra Jr., Bob Hope, and other celebrities, all supporting the noble cause of sending gifts to needy children. This gesture reinforces the message that “Christmas Is for Kids.”

Sharing this video brings back the joy and magic of a classic 1960s Christmas. This show, with its unique blend of humor, melody, and festive warmth, perfectly reflects the holiday spirit. It’s a memorable piece of television history that continues to spread laughter and cheer, a true celebration of the joyous season.

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