Click For The Kittens, But Stay For Marcin’s Amazing Guitar Playing, That’ll Make Your Jaw Drop

ByQuyen Anne

Apr 5, 2024

Picture this, my old friend – a talented young Polish guitarist named Marcin, with the magic in his fingers to make a guitar sing like you’ve never heard before. In his latest video, he takes on the iconic Bill Withers tune “Ain’t No Sunshine,” and let me tell you, he knocks it out of the park.

The video opens with Marcin chillin’ and some cute little kittens crawling over him. But once he starts playing, it’s clear the star of this show is that guitar. His fingers dance across the fretboard, plucking out the soulful melody we all know and love.

But Marcin doesn’t just play it straight – he puts his own spin on things, reimagining parts in a way only a true master of the instrument could. He maintains the chill, laid-back vibe of the original while weaving in these complex, jazzy flourishes that’ll make your jaw drop.

All the while, the kittens slowly drift off to sleep at his feet, like they’re being serenaded by a lullaby. And honestly, can you blame ’em? With playing this smooth and soulful, I’d conk right out too!

Filmed in warm, inviting colors with artsy shots of Marcin and his furry pals, it’s the kind of video you can’t help but smile all the way through. Fella’s got buckets of talent and he makes it look so easy. The fact he put this all together in a week is just bonkers.

Take a load off and let Marcin’s dreamy guitar transport you to a mellower state of mind – cats optional, but highly recommended!


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