Couple’s Rendition Of Greensleeves On The Guitar And Dulcimer Transports You Back In Time

ByQuyen Anne

Mar 11, 2024

Nestled in the serene backdrop of Western North Carolina, near the quaint town of Boone, Steve and Ruth Smith, a musical duo known for their enchanting blend of Celtic and Appalachian sounds, have recently graced their audience with a soulful rendition of the classic folk tune “Greensleeves.” In their cozy living room, transformed into an intimate music studio, the pair showcases their talent in a video clip that instantly transports viewers into a world of tranquil harmony.

Steve and Ruth Smith are not newcomers to the folk music scene. With a career spanning over 48 years, they have captivated audiences across the United States and beyond with their acoustic Americana music, deeply rooted in the Celtic and Appalachian traditions. Steve’s songwriting, celebrated for its vivid imagery and melodic strength, complements Ruth’s magical touch on the hammered dulcimer. This skill has been lauded as “absolutely magical” by Dirty Linen Folk and World Music Magazine.

The rendition of “Greensleeves” by Steve and Ruth is part of their album “An Appalachian Winter,” a collection that combines traditional and original instrumental music for the Christmas season. This album, featuring a mix of hammered dulcimer, guitar, flute, and Celtic harp, is praised as a peaceful, gentle masterpiece that resonates with listeners all year round.

In their performance, Ruth’s mastery of the hammered dulcimer shines as she skillfully reveals the delicate nuances of “Greensleeves.” The melodic flow of the dulcimer intertwines beautifully with Steve’s guitar, creating an earthy and ethereal sound. Their rendition carries a unique Appalachian twist, adding a fresh perspective to this well-loved tune.

The couple’s deep connection to their music and each other is evident in every note they play. Their mutual understanding and respect for the music and instruments are palpable, making their performance not just a musical act but a heartfelt expression of their shared life and love for Appalachian culture.

Moreover, the video clip of their “Greensleeves” performance reminds us of the enduring power of traditional music in our modern world. It is a testament to music’s ability to cross-generational and cultural boundaries, providing a comforting and unifying experience for listeners from all walks of life.

As you watch Steve and Ruth Smith perform “Greensleeves,” you are not just a viewer but a part of their musical journey that transcends time and space. Their music, steeped in the rich heritage of the Appalachians, speaks to the soul, offering a moment of peace and reflection in our often-hectic lives.

So, share this video clip with your friends and family because it is not just a performance; it’s an invitation to a world of timeless melodies and heartwarming nostalgia, where every note resonates with the beauty and simplicity of mountain music.

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