Discover The Spooky Hidden Meaning Behind The King’s Burial

ByQuyen Anne

Mar 11, 2024

ELVIS PRESLEY’s funeral arrangements just two days after The King’s death included some incredible hidden meanings shared by his former lover Mindi Miller.

The world was shocked by the tragic news of Elvis Presley’s sudden death at just 42-years-old. The King of Rock and Roll had suffered a fatal heart attack while reading on the toilet upstairs at Graceland, before being discovered by his final girlfriend Ginger Alden. Upon news of his passing, the star’s closest friends and family rushed to Memphis from all over the country to say their goodbyes to the icon.

One of those who flew in from Los Angeles was Elvis’ former girlfriend Mindi Miller, who dated The King around 1975-6.

Arriving at Graceland with a black dress and green shoes, she viewed his open casket several times along with the rest of the Memphis Mafia.

Just two days after his death on August 18, 1977, The King’s funeral took place with wailing fans lining Elvis Presley Boulevard and outside Graceland’s gates, ready to say a final goodbye to the music legend.

Now in a new interview, Mindi has shared the hidden meaning behind Elvis’ burial that some fans may not have known.

elvis and funeral cars

elvis hearse

Speaking with Elvis expert Billy Stallings Spa Guy, in the video below, Mindi shared some significant details.

The 71-year-old said: “He had 17 white limos and it’s interesting because in numerology seven and one is eight, which was Elvis’ number.”

Mindi and Elvis bonded over their love of spirituality, including numerology, while dating.

She continued: “And his favourite colour was white. He was in white, all the lining was white, the hearse was white.”

fans at funeral

Elvis fans lining Elvis Presley Boulevard (Image: GETTY)

Mindi remembered vividly: “Everything was white, as it should have been. That was his colour. Very ethereal, very elegant. I could not even tell you what number limo I was in.”

Elvis’ ex shared how she’d seen some controversy on social media of people claiming that what number limo you were in denoted your important in his life.

However, she said: “I have always said, I have no idea what number limo I was, nor do I care because it’s not about me.”

“When you’re thinking like that, it’s all about you. ‘Oh I was in No 3 or I was in No 5, or I was in No 5 or I was with this person in the limo.’ That’s not about him. That’s about you. I’m very clear about ego, because Elvis was.

Mindi added: Elvis had an ego to present himself to his fans to the best of his ability because he loved his fans and he wanted to be the best for his fans that he could.”


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