Emily Bland Stuns Judges With Her Hidden Talent On America’s Got Talent

ByQuyen Anne

Apr 4, 2024

“Is That Her?” There’s More To This “Singer’s” AGT Audition Than Meets The Eye…

When Emily Bland graced the “America’s Got Talent” stage, she rendered the judges speechless with her unique singing voice – but not in the way you’re imagining.

During a small chat with the judges before her performance, Emily shared that her biggest inspiration musically is Garth Brooks. It’s no wonder then that her song of choice belongs in the country genre: “Your Man” by Josh Turner. What was surprising, however, was the unexpected voice that came out of this unassuming woman.

howie mandel looking surprised as he watches emily bland audition for agt. heidi klum sits next to him, mouth agape from the performance.

When the judges weren’t staring at Emily in disbelief, they were exchanging looks between each other as if to ask, “Are you hearing what I’m hearing right now?”

Simon Cowell even went so far as to present a question that everyone was pondering in that moment, “Is that her?”

Once the puzzling performance came to a close, the rest of the judges verbalized their disbelief as well. With a bit of probing Emily, now speaking in a much different tone than she originally did, had a confession to make.

“Before y’all go to judging, there’s just one thing I must tell y’all,” she said.

Watch the AGT judges become speechless when Emily reveals her true talent in the video below, and don’t forget to share to amaze a friend.

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