Girl’s dance recital takes an adorable turn when she spots her family

ByQuyen Anne

Jan 19, 2024

Toddler dance recitals are usually adorable, but this little girl certainly stole the show during her impromptu solo performance. She taps and twirls to her own choreography!

Toddlers are difficult to direct, especially when they just don’t feel like doing something. That’s the way this two-year-old clearly felt as she took the stage for this tap dance recital.

As the song starts and the other girls start doing their routine, she is standing apart from the other girls. When she spots her family in the crowd, she makes to run off the stage!

A helpful hand from behind the curtain takes her hand and directs her back onto the stage, but she’s already taking her own cues. She twirls and dances to her own routine, completely different from the other girls’ choreography.

She must have wanted to do her own ‘princess things’! She twirls and spins, tapping her way across the stage with renewed vigor once she knows her family is watching.

We just can’t get enough of the way she struts across the stage. A star is born for sure! This two-year-old is never going to live this down, and maybe she’ll even become a tap-dancing star one day!

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