“Goodness Gracious!” Legendary Pianist Stuns Passers With His Toe-Tapping Piano Performance

ByQuyen Anne

Sep 13, 2023

The world is filled with talented entertainers. Simply turn on the television any given night and you’re bound to find some version of a singing competition or music awards celebration. Somehow, new artists flood the airwaves each year to amaze us with their beautiful voices. But when was the last time you were awestruck by the random performance of an unknown musician?A recent video uploaded on Reddit manages to do just that! Throughout the minute-long video, an elderly man pays homage to the late Jerry Lee Lewis with a spirited rendition of the classic rockabilly song, “Great Balls of Fire”. People begin to sing along as the stranger belts out the familiar lyrics and commands the piano with fearless gusto, leaving the crowd in awe of his musical abilities.And okay, we can’t resist saying it: “Goodness Gracious!” Where has this man been hiding his whole life?While he may not have a famous name or multi-million-dollar recording contract, we are quite certain this gentleman is every bit as talented as many successful musicians. In fact, his brief time in the limelight has already sparked a number of positive online comments. Some folks are even calling him “Goose” in reference to the “Top Gun” character of the same name. Spoiler alert: Goose also gives a knockout performance of “Great Balls of Fire” in the original “Top Gun” movie (just in case 1986 isn’t on your radar).Now that the video has gone viral, more and more people are being exposed to this incredible talent. But don’t take our word for it. See for yourself!

After Simon uploaded the video of Stan’s impromptu performance he was shocked and thrilled to see it go viral. What a wonderful treat for those who happened to be passing through Dundee station that day! It’s not every day that you get to see a hometown boy who grew up to become a living legend.Watch Stan’s train station performance in the video below, and be sure to share.

Legendary Pianist Stuns Passers-By In An Impromptu Public Piano Performance
Rock Pianist Performs in Train Station

Stan Urban, the legendary Rock ‘n’ Roll Pianist, has been seen in a viral video playing at Dundee railway station entertaining commuters and travelers using a public piano.

The Scottish Pianist did a spontaneous performance after spotting the public Yamaha U3 piano at the train station in Dundee. His performance drew in a crowd of admirers and you could see some foot-tapping going on as people walked past. The 75-year-old man (at the time) continued to stun onlookers with his energetic performance and piano skills.

About Stan Urban

Originally from Scotland and born in 1944, Stan has been living in Denmark since 1984. On a summer day in August, Simon Rankin captured the video of Stan after recognising he was a notable performer.


Stan’s professional music career has spanned over 50 years and has seen the pianist play with global names such as Mick Jagger, Gene Vincent, and Chuck Berry. This is a brilliant video of Stan performing “Rock ‘n’ Roll Train” embedded from his official website.

It’s great to see a musician, who has been playing professionally for over 50 years, still not able to resist the temptation to play a public piano during his travels. The passion is real for a pianist like Stan and the respect was evident from everyone there on the day.

If you want to see more from Stan Urban the legendary Rock Pianist, go to his website where you can keep up-to-date with his latest work.


Famous Pianist Surprises Train Commuters With Rockin’ Impromptu Performance.

stan urban piano

You just never know what (or whom) you might see when you’re taking the train.The People’s Piano is a Yamaha U3 upright piano that was installed on the platform of the train station in Dundee, Scotland, for anyone to play. Everyone from amateurs playing Chopsticks to world-famous musicians are welcome to sit at the bench and tap out a tune while they wait for their train. On one busy August day, Simon Rankin of Fife happened to be in the station when he spotted someone special seated at the piano bench.

To Simon’s astonishment, he recognized the 75-year-old man who began to play The People’s Piano as Stan Urban, a legendary rock and roll pianist who has enjoyed a 50-year music career. Stan has played alongside musical greats like Gene Vincent, Chuck Berry, and Mick Jagger.

Although Stan’s career has brought him all over the world, he was actually born and raised in Dundee! He was scheduled to perform at Clarks on Lindsay Street later in the week, but in the days leading up to his performance he was enjoying spending some time back in his hometown. When he wandered into the train station and spotted The People’s Piano he couldn’t resist sitting down to give the locals a free show.

And what a show it was! Check out how he even uses his foot at one point.

Stan’s playing is so energetic and upbeat you’d never know he’s in his 70s. He plays a rockin’ song that sounds like it could have been sung by an old great like Jerry Lee Lewis or Chuck Berry, full of keyboard flourishes and trills that have the harried commuters stopping in their tracks. Before long, a large crowd had gathered to watch the master work.

“Dundee station will never be the same again!” Simon tweeted when he shared the video online. “Here is Rock ‘n Roll legendary pianist Stan Urban absolutely Rocking Dundee, Scotland Railway station! Those just passing by couldn’t believe how lucky they were. What a talented guy he is! Awesome!”


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