Ironworker Created Magical “Lord Of The Rings” Melody On Huge Flute During Break

ByQuyen Anne

Mar 27, 2024

An Ironworker named Paul Harvey has become an internet sensation for his captivating musical performances.

During his lunch break at work, he decided to record himself playing the Native American Flute, unaware of the viral sensation he was about to create. Dressed in his high visibility work attire, he stumbled upon a location with exceptional natural acoustics, compelling him to bring his flute to work regularly.

Although proficient in multiple woodwind instruments, the Native American Flute held a special place in his heart, becoming his instrument of choice.

Grabbing his smartphone, Harvey recorded a haunting rendition of “Home Is Behind” from The Lord of the Rings and shared it on social media. In a matter of hours, his video spread like wildfire, being featured on viral news platforms worldwide as people were captivated by his distinct sound.

Check it this enchanting moments in the video below:

What makes Paul’s videos so unique is the unique filming locations he chooses. These range from abandoned structures to construction sites, anywhere that offers what he describes as “natural acoustics.”

It was during one of his ordinary work whistling sessions that he stumbled upon this natural acoustic phenomenon, prompting him to pull out his smartphone and flute to record the first of many videos where he donned his hard helmet and played.

Since it was uploaded on YouTube, it caught much attention. Plenty of viewers all around the world gave him great compliments.

A person expressed one’s feeling, saying, “This shatters the mold of what I think a construction guy is like, and it warms my heart a bit. Though I’ve never met you, humble flute guy, I’m grateful for this beauty you bring into the world. Keep radiating your essence and wary souls will always gather around for your warmth–you have a gift.”

Another also added, “Your music, combined with the atmosphere here is beautiful on a level that is utterly otherworldly. I can’t imagine it could sound any better than this, even if it was recorded professionally. You are doing something really incredible with these spaces that you have access to.”

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