Josh Groban And Lindsey Stirling Perform ‘Pure Imagination’ On Muppets

ByQuyen Anne

Feb 18, 2024

There is no doubt josh groban and Lindsey Stirling are incredibly talented. And when I heard they were performing “Pure Imagination” I just about melted. But when I saw the Muppets were playing with them too, I couldn’t wait to hit “play!” OK – this put the biggest smile on my face. How precious! ????

Josh Groban and Lindsey Stirling’s take on Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory‘s “Pure Imagination” sounds beautiful, but the video for the song is a little hectic. Why? Well, The Muppets are involved. That means, for instance, Miss Piggy is competing with Stirling for the role of violin accompanist, Sweetums is holding up the set and there’s “one long cake.” (It was supposed to be “one long take.”)

As The Verge points out, this video is part of a series out of YouTube Space LA. Even more Muppet hijinks are on their way: a Muppets series is heading to ABC.

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