Josh Groban Performs “Arms Of An Angel” In Stirring Duet

ByQuyen Anne

Mar 9, 2024

Josh Groban teamed up with German singer, Helene Fisher, to perform a captivating duet of “Arms of an Angel” on her show back in 2019.

Sometimes a singer comes along who has such incredible talent that anything they sing will sound amazing. Josh Groban easily fits into that category. His rich baritone has skyrocketed him to a level of respect and fame few equal today. But take a voice like his, mix it with a gorgeous song, and pair him with an equally powerful singing partner and you have a duet that takes the world by storm.

For this special performance, Josh Groban teamed up with the incomparable Helene Fisher to sing “In the Arms of an Angel” on the Helene Fischer Show 2019.

Fischer begins the song, her voice echoing as she holds the long, soulful notes. The lyrics reflect a speaker alone in a hotel room, beaten down by life, and looking for some respite from sadness.

“Spend all your time waiting/For that second chance/For a break that would make it okay./There’s always some reason/To feel not good enough/And it’s hard at the end of the day.”

At this point, Groban joins Fischer. The audience cheers as his gripping voice takes the song to the next level. Together the duo sings the refrain. Each is an expert at infusing emotion into the lyrics, adding layers of heartfelt melody to the speaker’s sad reflections.

While Groban and Fischer sing, two dancers are performing a beautiful routine that adds even more beauty to the whole scene.

Groban takes the next verse solo, lamenting about the ‘vultures and thieves’ at his back. Within a few lines Fischer joins him again. Both Groban and Fischer almost seem to lose themselves in the song, letting the tune and the lyrics carry them along. They truly know how to enhance a song with their performance, and not compete with it.

The audience responds with a deep appreciation of both the singers and the song. As Groban and Fischer finish with slow, drawn-out notes, the audience claps and cheers. The two superstars smile at each other and the crowd, knowing they have created a memorable performance.

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