Joshua Tan, The Three-Year-Old Prodigy, Mesmerizes with a Dazzling Performance at his Debut Suzuki Soloists Concert

ByQuyen Anne

Jul 7, 2023
Joshua Tan, three years old, performs one of the Twinkle variants at his first Suzuki soloists concert! On May 22, 2014, at St Nicholas Church in Kenilworth. He was the youngest performer and opened the performance (therefore he had no idea how to introduce his piece). He was genuinely pleased and enthusiastic about performing.

You can no longer learn to play the violin as an adult, thus you must begin as a youngster. If you are concerned about a child’s personal development, you could assign him to study this instrument. Violinists are always more advanced musicians than others.

True, pianists have a good understanding of general musical literacy, but violinists have no equivalent in terms of composing an art and playing melodies by ear. Such is the specificity of the instrument that these skills are best developed. Of certainly, a left-handed violinist will outperform a right-handed violinist.

The left-hand bears the majority of the difficulty and responsibility for music’s beauty. The same is true for guitarists. If you are considering which instrument to send your child to learn, consider the violin as one option, but not the only one, because there are advantages and disadvantages. Many children struggle with learning because they do not instantly see the outcome in the shape of a beautiful sound, making it difficult for them to drive themselves to study. Another example is the piano, trumpet, and flute.

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