Keane’s Tom Chaplin Surprised Glasgow With “Somewhere Only We Know”

ByQuyen Anne

Apr 1, 2024

Keane, a band known for their electrifying performances at The O2, surprised fans when their lead singer, Tom Chaplin, showcased his talent in a different setting. Chaplin took to the streets of Glasgow to busk, delivering a mesmerizing acoustic rendition of the band’s hit song “Somewhere Only We Know.”

What made this performance truly remarkable was Chaplin’s ability to flawlessly capture the song’s beautiful vocals without any assistance from Auto-Tune or the band’s usual production.

Tom Chaplin (of Keane) - Somewhere Only We Know - at All Saints, Kingston -  YouTube

The captivating melodies that made “Somewhere Only We Know” such a massive hit were brought to life by Chaplin’s delicate yet powerful voice. This intimate performance took place on a chilly day as part of the Big Busk charity event, which supported homeless individuals through The Big Issue organization.

Chaplin performed three stripped-back sets on Glasgow’s Buchanan Street, showcasing his genuine connection with the music. Now, let’s enjoy the fascinating performance in the video below:

This incredible performance has garnered a staggering 8.6 million views and generated an abundance of positive comments.

One viewer commented, “This guy has one of the most beautiful voices I’ve heard and he does this playing on the street side just like a street musician! Oh also he plays really small clubs, bars anywhere he can just wake up the next day to sing before a sold out show if 200,000 people omg he’s literally very connected and loyal to ALL people’s/fans.”

Another also wrote, “Thank you Keane. I love this song and I cry every time I listen to it. I think it’s your raw emotion and the way your voice emotes with the music. This is a real favorite of mine.”

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