Keith Urban Stuns Travellers With Surprise Performance At Nashville Airport

ByQuyen Anne

Mar 12, 2024

Keith Urban is someone worth missing your flight for.

Ever since Elton John donated a gorgeous piano to Kings Cross/St Pancras station in London, famous faces have caused a bit of a storm by rocking up to play their latest tunes.

But over in the US, Keith Urban has taken that approach to the next level with a surprise performance at Nashville International Airport.

“From the baggage claim to a REAL STAGE !!!!” said Keith on Instagram as he posted a series of videos from his set.

“Sooooo fun celebrating the release of ‘Messed Up As Me’ with loads of you in Concourse C yesterday and a massive thank you to everyone at @flynashville for helping us pull off the surprise.”

As fellow country musician Eli V quipped in the comments: “I’d miss my flight to watch the whole show without ANY hesitation.”


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A few days ago, Keith had given fans some insight about what he new track is all about.

“This song is about a relationship…should we call it a relationship ??? We’re calling it a relationship,” he said.

“It’s about two people who know they aren’t good for each other: it’s dysfunctional, makes no sense, it might even be toxic, but they keep going back because there’s one thing they’re REALLY good at !!!”

Keith Urban – Messed Up As Me (Official Audio)

Keith Urban’s last studio album, released in 2020, was The Speed of Now Part 1.

Since then he’s released the non-album singles ‘Wild Hearts’, ‘Nightfalls’, ‘Brown Eyes Baby’ and ‘Street Called Main’.

‘Messed Up As Me’ is the second single from Urban’s as-yet untitled 12th studio album, following the release of ‘Straight Line’ earlier this year.

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