Adorable Flower Heard Melody from “Mary Poppins” and Swiftly Stole the Surrounding Attention.

ByQuyen Anne

Aug 23, 2023

Music has this magical power that makes the body move.

Whatever your age is, it doesn’t matter if you are a dancer or not. When you hear an inviting piece of music, you’d find it difficult not to jive to the beat.

Music and dancing always go along with each other and there is no way they wouldn’t be, right?

Dancing to a piece of good music can also be impromptu, even if you are in a public place crowded with innocent passers-by.

Well, it can’t be helped because it’s where Brendan Kavanagh usually films his videos.

Who is Brendan Kavanagh? He’s a British pianist and YouTube personality with over 1.5 million subscribers.

He’s known for videos of himself playing boogie woogie piano, often in public places.

His videos have been viewed over 100 million times.


Kavanagh’s videos have been featured on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, The Today Show, and Good Morning America.

He has also performed at the White House and the Kennedy Center.

In addition to his YouTube channel, Kavanagh has released two albums of boogie-woogie piano music. He also teaches piano lessons online.

But this video is a bit different.


While he’s usually alone in most of his videos, this one showcases an unexpected guest who joined him in his performance.

The little girl’s name is Zoe and she’s just 6 years old.

According to the video’s description, Zoe was on a school trip to London when the irresistible sound of Mary Poppins stopped her in her tracks.

Little did the little girl know that she was going to be an instant internet star.


It’s showtime!

The scene begins with Kavanagh skillfully playing a tune from the beloved musical “Mary Poppins,” when Zoe gracefully strolls past.

Dressed impeccably in a vibrant yellow dress, long white socks, black leather shoes, and an enchanting hat, Zoe exudes an air of elegance as if she had just stepped off a stage performance.

She placed her bag down, silently declaring, “Clear the area, everyone, I’m about to dance!”

And dance she did. With the music gaining momentum, Zoe effortlessly kept pace and demonstrated her remarkable skills.

It became apparent that this little girl has had some training, her movements executed with precision and grace.


As Zoe proceeded with her skilled dance moves, curious onlookers began to gather, unable to resist the charm of her performance.

Although they may have had places to be, they were ecstatic to see the remaining moments of this extraordinary spectacle.

It was all leading up to the perfect finish.


As the musical piece drew to a close, Zoe gracefully lowered herself to one knee. She then extended her arms wide and gracefully concluded her dance routine.

The crowd erupted in well-deserved applause for both the young dancer and the talented street pianist, Brendan Kavanagh.

After the captivating routine, Brendan leaned in, eager to know more about the gifted performer.

He inquired about Zoe’s name and the presence of her parent, teacher, or guardian. Zoe responded, indicating that her teacher was nearby.

She was an instant star.


Curiosity piqued and Brendan asked Zoe why she chose to pause and dance. With a radiant smile, she replied, “Because I liked the music.”

And indeed, what better reason is there to dance?

Notably, Zoe showcased her familiarity with the musical being played by Brendan.

She even effortlessly uttered the tongue-twisting word “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious,” which was a song from “Mary Poppins.”

Brendan, though did not request her to spell it (a task that proved challenging for this writer), appreciated her enthusiasm and connection to the music.

While Brendan Kavanagh is typically the star of his videos, this particular recording saw his talent momentarily overshadowed by the extraordinary dance performance of young Zoe.


However, it’s evident that Brendan wholeheartedly embraced this delightful turn of events.

Zoe’s enchanting dance, combined with Brendan’s musical prowess, has created an unforgettable moment that reminds us of the sheer joy and connection that music and dance can bring.

See little Zoe breathe life into Kavanagh’s impromptu performance below!

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