Man Dressed As A Janitor Takes A Seat At A Piano And Wows Passersby With Rendition Of ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’

ByQuyen Anne

Feb 2, 2024

Every once in a while, things happen out of the blue that shock and amaze people. It’s especially surprising when something seems mundane, but turns out to be extraordinary. Such was the case at a train station on a winter morning when a man dressed as a janitor was mapping in proximity to a piano that was placed in a public area of the station.

The man who was masquerading as a janitor had a secret. He wasn’t a manual laborer. He was actually a concert pianist. The man put the mop into the bucket and sat down at the piano. He began with a few notes as if he were an amateur who was just tinkering around. Next, he began playing an excerpt from the Queen song “Bohemian Rhapsody.”

People in the vicinity were drawn to the music, and they wanted to see what was happening. They recognized the song, but they were surprised to see who was performing it. The pianist became more involved in the performance, and people began to gather to witness a great performance. They may have felt like they were attending a live Queen concert.

During the performance, a genuine janitor on duty at the station passed by to investigate the situation. He was taken aback to see that the performer looked like a fellow janitor on duty at his place of employment. He may have wondered if this person whom he did not recognize was a new employee and whether he should begin learning the piano.

A large crowd of commuters had gathered by the time the pianist had finished the song. The final note of the piece was immediately met with an exuberant round of applause. This was an unexpected treat on a cold winter morning. The pianist continued his charade by picking up the mop and continuing to do his cleaning duties.

This event was captured on video and uploaded on YouTube where it has over 16 million views, 135,000 likes and thousands of comments. Commenters observed the clever way that the pianist pretended to be an amateur at first in order to create a dramatic contrast when he really let his ability show.

The man who put on this show was, of course, not a janitor. He is a YouTube celebrity who goes by the nickname “Piano Phantom.” He has performed in disguise in several other public places. On one occasion he was dressed as a homeless person. His real name is Georges Sokol, a professional musician who studied at Oxford and is creates music for film scores.

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