Mara Justine Takes On Adele Classic In Poignant “The Voice” Live Finale

ByQuyen Anne

Dec 20, 2023

After nearly three months of stiff competition, the latest season of The Voice comes to a close tonight. But before the winner can be announced, the remaining contestants were tasked to perform last night. Choosing the right song has never been more important. Luckily for Mara Justine, who brought Turning Tables by Adele to The Voice stage, she easily won over fans with her emotional performance.

Although Mara is only 21 years old, this is far from her first time competition. At 11 years old she wowed everyone on America’s Got Talent, and she did so again on American Idol when she was 15. Her experience shines through in all of her performances this season, and last night’s is no different.

Mara Justine sings into a mic on "The Voice" stage. Sparkly lights and chandeliers adorn the stage.

Mara Justine Stuns With Classic Adele Song on The Voice

Mara looks like a star on stage. Black-and-white versions of her appear on the multiple screens behind her. Mara herself looks stunning in a dark green gown with makeup that sparkles similarly to the many lights all around her.

Taking on an Adele song is no easy feat, but Mara seems to do so with ease. The song highlights her soft yet powerful voice, and she’s able to convey the emotions behind the lyrics heartbreakingly well.

“It’s unbelievable, the growth you’ve shown in this competition,” Niall Horan, her coach, said. “That was a big, big Voice moment in my head… I hope you go on to win this thing, you’re amazing.”

Watch Mara Justine take Turning Tables by Adele to The Voice stage in the stunning video below.

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