Meet 15-Yr-Old Girl Leaves Crowd Deeply Moved With Powerful Cover Of ‘Voilà’

ByQuyen Anne

Jun 11, 2024

Renowned as the ‘Waltz Maestro,’ André Rieu, hailing from the Netherlands, is celebrated as both a violinist and conductor, notably for founding the Johann Strauss Orchestra. This expansive ensemble, comprising 60 members, specializes in a captivating fusion of classical and crossover music, with a particular emphasis on waltzes. Their performances are marked by grand stage designs and elaborate attire, as they’ve toured extensively worldwide, achieving numerous platinum-selling records and DVDs.

Meanwhile, Emma Kok, born in Utrecht on September 18, 2006, found her passion for music nurtured in a household resonating with jazz, soul, and pop genres. Guided by supportive parents, Emma’s natural talent was honed through vocal lessons, leading to her participation and triumph in the fourth season of The Voice Kids in the Netherlands. Despite facing challenges like Gastroparesis, a condition that affects her, Emma continues to grace the stage with her heartfelt performances, capturing the hearts of audiences worldwide.

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