Merle Haggard lives on in Willie Nelson’s raw ‘He Won’t Ever Be Gone’

ByQuyen Anne

Jan 25, 2024

In a world where music videos often fade into the background, Willie Nelson recently released his heartfelt tribute to his friend and fellow country legend, Merle Haggard. “He Won’t Ever Be Gone,” from the album “God’s Problem Child,” stands out as a testament to enduring friendship and musical kinship.

Merle Haggard lives on in Willie Nelson's raw 'He Won't Ever Be Gone' –  Madly Odd!

Willie Nelson is one of the most important post-rock-n-roll country music figures. His fans and country music enthusiasts have known him for his ability to evoke emotions beautifully through his songs.

Whether it’s about the sweeping landscapes of “On the Road Again” or the somber classic “Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain,” Nelson’s music always speaks to the heart, and “He Won’t Ever Be Gone” is no different. The recording for this track takes place in a studio, featuring Nelson with Merle Haggard’s son, Ben, singing the chorus. Both the artists, equipped with guitars, deliver a heartfelt performance of this emotional song.

Merle Haggard lives on in Willie Nelson's raw 'He Won't Ever Be Gone' –  Madly Odd!

The album, featuring 13 new tracks, showcases Nelson’s humongous talent in songwriting and performance. And “He Won’t Ever Be Gone” is a highlight of the album. It is a song and a narrative of his profound friendship with Haggard.

The music video, shot in black and white, also shows behind-the-scenes footage of the two legends. The clip taken from the pair’s collaborative album, Django and Jimmie, creates a nostalgic nod to their amazing friendship, which, according to many fans, is a fitting tribute from one legend to another.

Merle Haggard lives on in Willie Nelson's raw 'He Won't Ever Be Gone' –  Madly Odd!

The song Gary Nicholson wrote cleverly weaves references to Haggard’s well-known tracks, honoring the great country legend. “God’s Problem Child” is Nelson’s first album to debut all-new songs since “Band of Brothers” and achieved remarkable success, reaching #1 on the Billboard Country chart and #5 on the Billboard 200.

The technical aspects of the song deserve mention as well. The musical arrangement is classic. Nelson is simple yet profound, and the lyrics weave emotions that resonate with the listeners. “He Won’t Ever Be Gone” serves not just as a musical experience; it’s an ode to friendship. So, share this timeless track with others because it celebrates the beauty and depth of life-long bonds through Nelson’s heartfelt melodies.

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