More 1,000 Singers From Around The World Join Together For “Dear Evan Hansen” Sing-Along

ByQuyen Anne

Oct 11, 2023

We’ve all found hope, encouragement, and comfort from a song, book, or movie that resonated with us.

That’s why so many people love the Broadway musical “Dear Evan Hansen.” With relatable messages about struggling to find one’s way in life, it has gained countless fans from around the world. To celebrate, more than 1,000 of them came together in a “virtual choir,” and the result is one of the most beautiful things we’ve seen!


The musical debuted in Washington, D.C., in 2015 and on Broadway in 2016. In its first year, it saw tremendous success, so the creators came up with “Fan Day” to recognize the show’s anniversary.

From there, they decided to create “a completely user-generated video with fan-sung lyrics, both as solos and in harmony, that celebrated the people who have ‘found’ our show and each other.”

They provided participants with guidelines, sheet music, and an instrumental track for the show’s anthem, “You Will Be Found.” All these volunteers had to do was record themselves singing the song, and the “Dear Evan Hansen” team would do the rest.

People were thrilled to join in! Ultimately, the creators received more than 1,000 submissions from 31 countries, which were then edited into one epic performance.

In a video posted online, we hear their incredible voices blend together, which makes us feel like part of this global community – despite the fact that we’ve never met any of them!


Seeing so many strangers come together to sing this anthem of hope reminds us that we’re never alone! There are people all over the world who can understand us and connect with us in some way.

Watch the inspiring virtual performance in the video below, and be sure to share it with anyone who needs hope today.

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