Mum of Five’s Touching Performance, the Domestic Abuse Survivor Took Us “Over The Rainbow”

ByQuyen Anne

Apr 1, 2024

Becky O’Brien was known as a contestant in Britain’s Got Talent 2015 for her heartfelt audition. At the time, O’Brien was a 34-year-old single mother of five who decided to participate in the show after her son David encouraged her to impress Simon Cowell.

She also shared her personal struggle as a survivor of an abusive marriage, making her choice to sing “Over The Rainbow” even more poignant. This song, featured in the classic film The Wizard of Oz (1939), portrayed the character Dorothy yearning for a place free from troubles.

Becky delivered a stunning rendition of the song that left the entire room, including children, in tears. The moment she finished singing, the judges and audience rose to their feet, applauding her emotional performance.

Check out the angelic singing audition in the video below:

Even the notoriously tough judge Simon Cowell was moved to tears, although he didn’t openly weep. There is no doubt that O’Brien’s audition touched him deeply. Her voice, song choice, and the powerful backstory she revealed when introducing herself all contributed to this emotional impact.

Judge Alesha Dixon couldn’t help but comment on the beauty and timeless quality of O’Brien’s voice, describing it as if it was from another era. Unsurprisingly, O’Brien received four yeses from the judges, securing her place in the next round.

The video was uploaded on some YouTube channels and each video received a lot of compliments. A guy wrote, “I just wonder, what kind of a heartless man must be, to divorce such a loving woman, and leave 5 small children without a father. She has a wonderful voice, God bless her, and her children.”

Another commented, “I’ve been watching this show for years, enjoying the singing so much, but this lovely woman’s is the first song that evoked my tears. It was a tremendous rendition of this song; for me, surpassing any I’ve ever heard.”

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