Musicians Leaving Symphony Orchestra Gdańsk To Pursue Their Own Glass Harp Performance Opportunities

ByQuyen Anne

Dec 18, 2023

Anna and Arkadiusz Szafraniec make up the glass harp playing duo known as “GlassDuo”. Both musicians are from Poland and share a common interest and love for the glass harp.

After being charmed by the wonderful sounds this unusual instrument has to offer, Anna and Arkadiusz created their duo act. They both were musicians in Gdańsk’s symphony orchestra before leaving their positions to pursue their own performance opportunities using the glass harp.

Playing together and with other musicians, GlassDuo is becoming a well-known name throughout glass harp circles and fans. The duo has successfully performed with string quartets and most notably The Warsaw National Philharmonic Orchestra and Sinfonia Varsovia.

The duo is a unique band, being the only glass harp band in Poland and part of a niche selection of performers in the world. Petr Spatina is another awesome glass harp instrumentalist you may wish to listen to if you like the GlassDuo.

Anna and Arkadiusz have a very special act and a truly unique instrument. Unlike other glass harps, their glasses contain no water. Each goblet is professionally tuned and placed into position on the board. Their instrument is the largest glass harp in the world and maybe the most professional.

Having played at a list of different arts festivals and events, GlassDuo is quickly becoming a big name in their industry with their unique instrument, their unique talents, and amazing performances.

The glass harp has a long history which the duo has brilliantly showcased on their website here.

If you want to see more from this unique pair of musicians follow their Facebook page or subscribe to their Youtube Channel to stay up-to-date with their latest work.


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