Older Dementia Patient Knows a Frank Sinatra Song and Plays It at a Party

ByQuyen Anne

Feb 23, 2024

Dementia affects a person’s ability to recall memories. This heartbreaking condition is difficult to live with. It is also troubling for family members and friends who see their loved one slowly lose their memories over time.

This also leads to a shift in personality as well. It can feel as though the person you know is disappearing and morphing into someone different. However, there are moments of pure bliss when family members get a glimpse of the person they used to know.

Music held the key for unlocking Margaret Mackie’s original personality. The 83-year-old has been dealing with the painful effects of dementia. She lives in an assisted living facility in Scotland. Each day, Mackie sings with a caregiver by the name of Jamie Lee Morley. The two love to sing Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra, reports Edinburgh News.

Jamie was given the role of providing entertainment at the facility for their annual holiday party. Jamie was known for his singing. He was happy to perform for all of the residents and their families, but he had a trick up his sleeve. He invited Mackie up on stage to join him, and she didn’t hesitate.

Since Mackie’s family was in the crowd, one of her children was able to capture the incredible moment on film. Mackie and Jamie sang “My Way” by Frank Sinatra and something special happened. Mackie started remembering each word to the song and never missed a beat. Jamie told Edinburgh News that Mackie had been dancing and singing since she moved in the year before. She seems to come alive every time she listens to songs by Frank Sinatra or Elvis.

This moment was a special gift for Mackie and her family. Moments of clarity aren’t common in patients with dementia, reports the World Health Organization. It’s a short moment of bliss when everyone can relish in the temporary return of their loved one. However, these moments don’t last forever. In fact, Mackie had no recollection of the event when it was brought up to her the following day. She forgot that she had sung with Jamie at the Christmas party.

Although Jamie’s kind act allowed Margaret and her family to get into touch with their loved one for a while, he gave all of the attention to his singing partner. He told Edinburgh News that he was amazed at how a woman of her age could sing with so much courage.

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