Perry Como’s ‘Home For The Holidays’, Warms Hearts Since 1969

ByQuyen Anne

Dec 15, 2023

Perry Como’s 1969 performance of “Home For The Holidays” is an epitome of Christmas warmth, a musical embrace that takes you back to simpler times. The song, originally released in 1954, became a staple in every Christmas playlist, and Como’s rendition adds an extra layer of nostalgia. His voice, a blend of comfort and cheer, wraps around the lyrics like a cozy blanket on a cold winter night.

Como, a household name in the golden era of television, brought a unique charm to his performances. His show, Perry Como’s Kraft Music Hall, was more than entertainment; it was a weekly gathering that families looked forward to. “Home For The Holidays” was not just a song; it was an experience, a journey to a time when Christmas was about togetherness and joy.

The 1969 performance was particularly special. It came at a time when the world was changing rapidly, and Como’s voice was a reminder of the timeless values of the festive season. The song itself had charted well during its release, but Como’s rendition gave it a new life, a reminder of why it resonated with so many.

Perry Como, with his smooth, baritone voice, made a significant impact on music and television. He won numerous awards and was a chart-topping artist, but his real legacy lies in how he connected with his audience. His performances were heartfelt, and “Home For The Holidays” was no exception. It was more than a song; it was a bridge connecting generations.

This performance is a must-watch, a trip down memory lane that is sure to bring a smile to your face. It’s a reminder of the magic of Christmas and the timeless appeal of great music. Be sure to hit the like and share button because this video is a slice of Christmas history that deserves to be cherished and shared.


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