Rod Stewart Invites 94-Yr-Old Sister On Stage And She Steals Spotlight When She Starts To Sing

ByQuyen Anne

Mar 20, 2024

Rod Stewart wrapped up his tour in Edinburgh, UK, with an unexpected surprise. During his performance on July 10, 2023, the 78-year-old musician shared the stage with his remarkable 94-year-old sister, Mary. To the astonishment of the audience, Mary joined her brother in a heartwarming duet of his iconic 1975 hit, “Sailing.”

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As Stewart introduced his older sister to the crowd at the Castle venue, he proudly declared, “This is my sister! She’s 94!” The siblings treated the audience to a stunning performance when they sang together, evoking cheers and applause from the captivated spectators.

Stewart, dressed in a sparkling shirt with black-and-white stripes, was visibly filled with joy when Mary approached him and playfully placed a sailor’s hat on his head, perfectly matching the maritime theme of the song.

Mary, basking in the moment, waved to the crowd and embraced her brother, joining him in singing the beloved tune. The audience was captivated by this endearing and heartwarming demonstration of sibling affection.

The connection between Stewart and Mary was clearly evident as they embraced during the break, creating a beautiful moment before the end of his show and tour.

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One viewer who attended this concert, captured this moment and uploaded it on social media. On YouTube, plenty of people left positive comments such as “Sailing always brings a tear to my eye, but seeing Rod and his sister hit the spot even more. Wonderful.”

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During a later interview with The Mirror, the renowned “Maggie May” singer expressed the profound significance of having his sister by his side on stage. He shared, “At 94, she’s on a rock ‘n’roll stage and loving it,” he said. “She has and continues to teach me about life.”

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