Scottish toddler attracts everyone’s attention with his dance moves

ByQuyen Anne

Dec 22, 2023

A young Scottish boy shows off his dance moves during a wedding. He attracts a crowd who smiles and cheers him on.

Only a few people notice the young toddler at first. Dressed adorably in a small kilt and bow tie made specifically for a person his size.

He stands on the dance floor, near some of the dining tables, waving his arms along to the rhythm of the music. On his face is a completely serious expression.

As he continues his performance, a mixture of cute and utter focus, a crowd begins to gather around him. The people begin clapping along to the music as they watch him.

It is unclear whether the number of people is making him nervous, but he is practically unphased by the attention. He continues his dance as the music and people demand.

People continue taking videos and pictures, and as the song changes a look of surprise and confusion appears on the young lad’s face. He seems to be thinking about his next moves.

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