See the 16-Year-Old Four-Chair Turn Who Got John Legend to to Use His Block on ‘The Voice’

ByQuyen Anne

Apr 10, 2024

Serenity Arce earned a four-chair turn on ‘The Voice’ with her performance of Sam Fischer’s ‘This City’

Serenity Arce was only 14 years old when she first took the stage at The Voice in Season 21 for her Blind Audition. But that was not a happy occasion. None of the coaches that season turned for her, including John Legend.

But John did recognize her when he hit his button to turn his chair for her performance of Sam Fischer‘s “This City.” In fact, all the coaches turned, but John had been so impressed by her performance that he used his Block on Dan + Shay to make sure he had a better chance of getting Serenity on his team. That is, of course, unless she holds a grudge.

“I am so proud of you coming back because all of us have had people tell us no and we had to come back and say, ‘we’re going to try again,’” John said, trying to offset his earlier rejection of her. “And that’s how we got to where we are. I’m so proud of you for doing that.”

Then it was time for the wooing to begin.

Even though they didn’t have a shot, Dan Smyers said, “I felt that performance deep down in my soul. It was very special. Whoever blocked us…”

Shay Mooney interrupted, “We know who it was [He looks at John]. It’s rude and it’s mean, but I’ll take it as a compliment.”

John used that to his advantage, saying, “Take it as a compliment, Serenity. You made me block someone for you.”

Then Chance the Rapper got his pitch in. He told Serenity, “That was amazing. That was a real dedication to giving a great performance. You have this amazing use of your head voice and your high register, but you also have this crazy smooth transition to your chest. It makes me really excited to see the range of songs that you do. The people that I work with on my team, I try to make it as much about the songs that they want to perform, what they want to show to the world. You got four chairs turned. Whoever you go with, I think you’re going to win, but if you get down with Team Chance, you’ll get to show who you are.”

Both Reba McEntire and Dan + Shay complimented Chance on his heartfelt words.

Reba was next. She said, “Serenity, wonderful voice, you’re beautiful. I’m one of the country acts here and the other…oh, y’all are blocked…but being a country act, I’ve been in the business a long, long time and I feel I could steer you in a way to enhance the qualities you already have, and I would be thrilled to pieces to have you on Team Reba.”

Finally, it was back to John, who said, “Let’s talk about your performance a little bit. Your voice is so powerful and crisp and sounds like it could be on the radio immediately because it has that quality to cut through the music. It is also cool and distinct and doesn’t sound like anybody else. You’re going to do so well. I would love to be your coach.”

Rather than let John, who has the most four-chair turns on his team so far this season, have the last word, Chance interjected, “John is covering up for the fact that he didn’t turn around for you two years ago. If I’d have been here, I’d have turned.”

Will that reminder steer Serenity to Team Chance and away from Team Legend?

Watch The Voice Monday at 8 p.m. ET/PT on NBC to find out.

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