Shattering Preconceptions: The Combination Of Hip-Hop And Bach Dancers In French Performance Art

ByQuyen Anne

Feb 1, 2024

Dancers in balaclavas surprised the audience in Marseille with a performance filled with Bach classics mixed with hip-hop music.

A Bach sonata plays on a guitar to introduce a show meant to counter stereotypes that cripple the lives of young people from working-class neighbourhoods of Marseille.

Bboyizm delivers In My Body -

Soon hip-hop elements as well as “drill” rhythms (a form of rap tinged with electro) and “shatta” (musical style from the West Indies) join the violin sonata by the German composer Jean-Sébastien Bach (1685 -1750).  Then, dancers in balaclavas flood the stage. The show, ‘Bach Nord’ has the whole audience enraptured at the Marseille Festival.

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