Shy 9 Year Old Nervously Walks On Stage But Watch What Happens When She Opens Her Mouth To Sing

ByQuyen Anne

Jan 4, 2024

9-year-old Immi Davis cast a spell on TV audiences when she appeared on Britain’s Got Talent 2022. It started the moment she stepped on stage for her audition. Judge Simon Cowell asked shy, but polite Immi some introductory questions. Her straightforward answers endeared Immi to the audience but left Cowell feeling a bit “stupid”, as he put it.

For instance, when Cowell asked Immi why she was going to sing I Put A Spell on You by Screaming Jay Hawkins, Immi replied, “It’s because I’ve been practicing it”. In Cowell’s defense, I Put a Spell on You is a song that demands a confident powerful voice, and Immi was a shy 9-year-old. So how did Immi Davis do? In a word, she was spectacular.

The moment the music starts, Immi takes control of the stage and the song. What a commanding voice! As some reviewers noted, there is more than a touch of Amy Winehouse in Immi’s vocals. Besides Immi’s stunning performance, the reactions of her family are endearing. Immi fully deserved both the approval of the judges and the standing ovation she received at the end. Many viewers felt that Immi was cheated out of the “Golden Buzzer” and took to social media to complain. It even made the press.

The Examiner Live ran the headline “Britain’s Got Talent golden buzzer row as singer Immi Davis snubbed in favour of Keiichi Iwasaki”. Golden Buzzer or not, Immi Davis reached the semi-finals of Britain’s Got Talent. For this round, Immi sang Bishop Briggs ‘River’ accompanied by several steel drums during the chorus. While the drumming was only for accentuation and was unobtrusive on the broadcast, it might have been louder on the stage, as afterward Cowell asked Immi to sing the chorus solo.

Immi didn’t make the final and her many fans were aggrieved by both the decision and by Cowell putting her on the spot. In a report on the matter, The Birmingham Mail wrote, “Despite initially looking nervous, Immi sang acapella for the judges. But ITV viewers disagreed with Simon’s approach, saying that it wasn’t fair of him to put the schoolgirl on the spot”. The Birmingham Mail then ran a sample of social media posts supporting Immi and questioning Cowell’s unfair request of a nervous 9-year-old.

Immi and her family live in Welwyn Garden City, a small town outside London. The proximity to London helps explain why Immi busks in Leicester Square, Covent Garden and Trafalgar Square. Interestingly she is the youngest busker licensed by LB Westminster’- she was licensed at the age of 8. As she is under 14, she is not permitted to busk for money but the busking has given her a wealth of experience and continues to boost her profile.

Since appearing on BGT Immi has been busy. She was invited to do a set at Chilfest ‘22 which included 80’s artists such as Tony Hadley, The Proclaimers & Toyah. She has appeared at a number of smaller festivals, sang at the Omeara in London with The Greatest Showman’s Loren Allred and was a special surprise guest at Goatfest, Codicote where she appeared with Odyssey. Immi sang the National Anthem in Welwyn Garden City Town Centre at the Proclamation on the Accession of His Majesty King Charles III

Along with Woody & Kleiny, Immi headed the bill for the Christmas light turn on in her hometown. She also flicked the switch for the Hatfield Town Centre and Stevenage Town Centre Christmas lights displays.

Reflecting Immi Davis’s growing reputation and popularity, the young singer has been appointed an ambassador for The Invisible Friends Charity, which supports children with hidden illnesses. She is also a young Ambassador for Les Enfants de Frankie Charity, which assists children who are either sick, disabled and/or disadvantaged. The latter charity arranged for Immi to appear as a solo artist at Kid’s Nite, an Advent show for approximately 2,000 children at Salle des Étoiles in Monaco.

Immi Davis is clearly a girl on a mission. In her own words: “I want to start off small, like Wembley Arena small and then go large… like World large!” If you would like to see more from Immi Davis, you can subscribe to their YouTube channel or follow them on Facebook. You can also visit their official website for more information.

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