Simon’s Golden Buzzer Favorite Contestant Takes Stage Bringing Him To Tears When Stirring Voice Makes Him Choke

ByQuyen Anne

Jan 22, 2024

Although there have been thousands of contestants featured on competition-based reality shows, sometimes one particular audition is so special that it brings tears to our eyes. Even though everyone always has different opinions on who should win the overall competition, for one season of the popular television program America’s Got Talent, the favourite to win from the beginning was always Michael Ketterer.

Not only was his voice just simply fantastic, but the story of his life was touching and brought tears to the eyes of everyone in the audience. You won’t believe the things that Michael has done in his life before he got where he is now!

Michael has a wife named Ivey and together they have a total of six children. Five of these lucky children were adopted by Michael and his wife through foster care. Their biological daughter, named Sophie, was six years old when she had asked her parents to have some sons so she could enjoy having brothers. Noting that they too would love to have sons around, they adopted three boys who were all brothers, a homeless young man as well as a boy who was born with cerebral palsy.

Obviously, this story is touching and inspiring to many, especially tough judge Simon Cowell. Simon noted his excitement at having Michael on the show, noting that he was an inspirational human and a great person overall, not just someone with an amazing singing voice and lots of talent.

Michael’s audition for America’s Got Talent, as seen in the video below, has already gathered over 2 million views due to his sheer talent! The song that Michael chose for his performance was powerful and soulful, leaving Simon in tears! The normally happy and critical judge was left speechless at the talent of this contestant. The song brought out feelings of love, heartbreak and pain from everyone listening and it was surely a performance to remember.

It’s not often that someone so talented comes around that they touch the hearts of everyone in the room. Not only did Michael get a well-deserved standing ovation from every one of the judges as well as the audience, but he also solidified his spot as one of the top favourites in the entire competition!

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