Stuck In Traffic, This Ginger Band Senerades An Entire Standstill With An Amazing Impromptu Performance

ByQuyen Anne

Apr 5, 2024

Belgian band amused drivers during traffic jam

This is how you like to stand in a traffic jam! A four-piece band from Belgium recently put drivers in a good mood during a traffic jam in Germany. Among them was Floris Willem from Purkersdorf, who defied boredom with his violin.

Ever wonder how to beat the boredom during a traffic jam? These innovative musicians chose an unconventional yet delightful approach.

Belgian band Floris and the Flames found themselves in a traffic snarl on Germany’s Autobahn, returning from a tour. With their instruments close by, they seized the opportunity to turn a frustrating delay into an incredible impromptu concert among the idle cars.


Violin, guitar, and percussion at hand, the ensemble navigated the standstill, offering a musical interlude to the surprised travelers. Though passengers were frustrated with the traffic back then, they couldn’t help but smile after seeing the makeshift performance.

Recalling this unorthodox incident, the band shared their spontaneous decision to entertain the stranded crowd, transforming the gridlock into a festive occasion. Their gesture brought joy, with people recording, dancing, and even tipping the performers.

“We were on our way back from concerts in Germany and Austria when we got completely stuck in a long traffic jam in southern Germany. To cheer up the traffic jam and ourselves, we came up with the idea of taking our musical instruments from the boot and play for the people,” said Floris and the Flames’ lead singer, Willem, who’s also a classically trained violinist, teaching at the Vienna Conservatory, “People started filming, dancing and even giving money. And so we all had a good time!”

For a taste of their formal act, you can check out the band’s unique blend of folk and rock in a rendition of Bach’s Toccata and Fugue in D minor right here.

The band, humorously referring to themselves based on their shared red hair, much like Antonio Vivaldi, albeit the latter entertains stalled gondolas in Venice instead of cars.

Catch Floris and the Flames live in the Netherlands and Belgium this spring, or perhaps just attend a traffic jam nearby, and who knows, you might be in for another impromptu performance. For more information on their performances and recordings, visit their website.

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