Subway Sing-Along: Train Passengers Sing ‘Over The Rainbow’ On Their Commute In A Beautiful Moment

ByQuyen Anne

Oct 6, 2023

Train Passengers Sing ‘Over the Rainbow’

The morning commute to work is often a taxing event, you drag yourself out of bed, throw down a cup of coffee and stumble out of the door into the world, unsure of what your day is going to bring. Worst of all is the morning commute by train, cramped conditions, everyone pushing and shoving to try and get on to try and catch that early morning meeting.

This can often leave us with a feeling of frustration or sadness that we have had to leave the comfort of our beds to go to work, well, the guys over at Liberators international sought to break that cycle on one early morning commute.

One of the guys (Peter) announces to the train that he was thankful for everyone to turned out that morning and that as a way to spread some cheer, he was going to sing a song with everyone. His friend, ukulele in tow, starts to play the opening riff to “Somewhere over the Rainbow.”

Sometimes you just need some good old music to help start your Monday off right.

That’s exactly what Peter Sharp did on a 7:51 a.m. express train on a Monday in Perth, Australia. He decided to grace his fellow train commuters with some music but not with his voice alone. Instead, he wanted everyone to join him in a subway sing-along.

What happened next was nothing short of heartfelt and endearing. With lyrics in hand and a young Ukulele player at Sharp’s side, passengers began singing the song, and created a chorus of commuters.

Sharp is one of the founders of The Liberators, which describes itself as a global experiment that seeks to prove that beyond our differences their is love and humanity everywhere. One of the ways they do this by performing various social movements that include dance music and video.

Standing in front of the train passengers, Sharp shared some words of wisdom: “It’s not what we have, it’s what we enjoy that brings happiness,” and asked them to join him in a sing-along of the classic tune “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.”

This video is a beautiful showcasing of the unity that music brings to everyday people and how it can even lift those morning commutes to something truly special.

Like something out of a movie, the passengers start singing along to the well-known song, giving a performance which would be fit for the stage. The passengers seem to warm up as the song progresses with nearly every one of them getting involved leading to a beautiful showing of what the effect of music has on people. Below are two more videos of fantastic musical moments caught on a train.

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