The Boogie Woogie Twins Play The Piano Like Pros At Such A Young Age

ByQuyen Anne

Dec 13, 2023

What do identical twins have in common other than their appearance? For Angelina and Ashley Leyva it’s their talent! They play the piano like pros at such a young age! They upload videos to their YouTube channel and are growing an adoring following for themselves.

Angelina and Ashley Leyva are identical twins from Paramus, New Jersey, USA. Their brother, Jack Leyva, is the drummer in their band called ‘Anklebiters’. Seen in the video below playing each other’s piano, they duet playing some awesome boogie-woogie! The multi-talented twins have videos of themselves playing the guitar and playing the piano.

The twins started uploading videos to their YouTube channel in 2013, covering songs from popular artists. The video above is of the girls playing ‘Boogie Woogie’, completely improvised. Boogie-woogie is a genre of music created in the the 1870s which became popular in the 1920s. As a genre it is upbeat and evolved from blues music. At the time this video was taken they were just 11 years old- such incredible talent for their age.

The video below caught the attention of the world when it was uploaded to YouTube. Now having over 2 million views on YouTube, this video is another fantastic performance from the talented twins of some improvised boogie-woogie.

The girls really seem to love their music, recording videos of themselves playing with their friends and with their brother Jack. A great band with a great future ahead of them. If you want to see more from the talented Leyva family check out their YouTube Channel or their Facebook Page and follow them for more brilliant videos.

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