The Breathtaking Duet Between Elvis Presley And His Daughter On “In The Ghetto”

ByQuyen Anne

Apr 1, 2024

Experiencing the loss of a father at a young age can be extremely challenging for a young girl. This difficulty is magnified when you are the sole daughter of a legendary entertainer who continues to be idolized by fans even decades after his passing. This was the exact situation that Lisa Marie Presley faced when her father passed away when she was only nine years old.

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Lisa Marie never had the opportunity to know her father as an adult. However, his essence resonates in every song he sang. One such song is “In the Ghetto,” which portrays the life of a destitute boy born in the impoverished neighborhoods of Chicago.

Growing up in hunger and poverty, the boy resorts to purchasing a gun, stealing a car, and attempting to escape, only to meet his demise in the streets just as his own son is born in the ghetto. This song stands as one of Elvis’ most iconic compositions, carrying a powerful message.

Lisa Marie commemorated the thirtieth anniversary of her father’s passing by creating a special tribute. She recorded the iconic song that he made famous and added a unique touch to it. In a heartfelt and emotional video, Lisa Marie sings the song alongside her father, creating a beautiful duet that honors her dad and pays homage to the legendary figure known as “The King.”

This touching gesture is an evidence to Lisa Marie’s love for her father and showcases her immense talent as an artist. Undoubtedly, Elvis Presley would be incredibly proud of his daughter and the heartfelt duet she has crafted for him.

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The back-and-white video was released over 2 decades and has amassed 12.5 million views. Its comment section was filled with compliments, expressing people’s love and admiration to this father-daughter duo.

One wrote, “What are you talking about Lisa and Elvis is a perfect combination. She is paying the perfect tribute to her father. She does an excellent job doing it.”

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