The Girl Sang One Of The Most Complicated Songs In The World, Judge Jumped on Their Feet

ByQuyen Anne

Mar 21, 2024

Another participant of the competition is a girl named Serena. She came to participate in the competition. She really came to win. The little girl had chosen one of the most difficult songs in the world and with that She surprised both the jury and the audience. When the girl went on stage, the jury realized that the future star was standing right in front of them. Many big stages are waiting for such talented people.

Young Girl Sings One Of Hardest Songs And Has Judges Jumping To Their Feet Only 2 Notes Into Her Performance

The girl chose the song “I Will Always Love You”. The song is complicated and not every person can perform it, but the girl surprised with her talent. Serena was only 11 years old. But how could a girl of that age sing such a complicated song? He succeeded better than expected. Serena was lucky that it was enough for the jury to sing a few words. This was an incredibly beautiful performance. Serena is a rare talented girl. She was liked not only by the audience but also by the jury. Serena sang like Whitney Houston and was applauded by the audience. The jury stood up after the girl’s performance.

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