The Grandson Of Elvis Presley Tries Out For The Voice, Captivating Two Judges Eagerly Rise, Vying To Be Chosen As His Coach With His Story

ByQuyen Anne

Apr 24, 2024

Dakota Striplin asserts his lineage as the grandson of Elvis, and his unique rendition of ‘Love Me Tender’the-grandson-of-elvis-presley-tries-out-for-the-voice-captivating-the-panel-with-his-unique-interpretation-of-love-me-tender on The Voice resonates strongly with this claim!

Even In The Age, Elvis Presley Is Still The King

In the opening scenes of the performance, Dakota Striplin, a young man with an ethereal voice, captivates the judges as he sings and plays the guitar. A judge promptly swivels her chair, placing her hand over her heart, exclaiming, “I need to see what’s going on here,” while another judge follows suit by flipping her chair in awe. As Dakota concludes his song, one judge expresses delight at his presence, marveling at his dual talent of singing and playing.


Curious about his song choice and inspiration, the judges inquire, and Dakota reveals that Elvis Presley served as a significant influence. He playfully notes that his grandmother, a regular attendee of Elvis’s shows, often joked that he could be Elvis’s grandson. The judges share a chuckle as they notice the striking resemblance.

Dakota delves into his family history, revealing that his father seldom discusses it. His grandmother, however, played a unique role by assisting with Elvis’s shows in Hawaii. When Elvis passed away, his grandmother experienced a profound loss, and a recent DNA test unveiled that his supposed grandfather wasn’t biologically related. Thus, the intriguing theory emerges that Dakota Striplin might indeed be the grandchild of Elvis.


Captivated by his story, two judges eagerly rise, vying to be chosen as his coach. Eventually, he selects the first judge who voted for him. The narrative continues wih a glimpse of Dakota’s performance in a knockout round.

In the broader context, the tale reminds us that while our origins may be uncertain, finding solace in our unchanging identity in Christ provides a constant source of comfort. Embracing Jesus as our Savior symbolizes adoption into God’s family, offering a stable foundation amidst life’s uncertainties.


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