The Greek Pianist Composes His Own Music And Plays His Pieces With Exceptional Skill For His Age

ByQuyen Anne

Oct 27, 2023

Stelios Kerasidis is a piano prodigy who had already played at both New York’s Carnegie Hall and the Royal Albert Hall in London by the age of 7.

The Greek pianist composes his own music and plays his pieces with exceptional skill for his age. Similar to the likes of great historical composers such as Chopin and Bach, Stelios is showing all the signs of becoming a modern Mozart. In the video below, Stelios performs one of his own compositions called “Isolation Waltz”. He wrote this during the Coronavirus lockdown, dedicating it to all those who are suffering.

He uploaded the video to YouTube on the 31st of March, just as large parts of Europe started going into lockdown. Since then, he has gained significant popularity on social media.

At the start of the video Stelios introduces himself and his composition, translated into English he says, “I’m Stelios and these days I am also staying at home. Let’s have a little more patience and soon we’ll all be going out to have a swim in the sea. I’m dedicating a piece of my own to you.” At 5 years old, the piano prodigy dedicated another one of his compositions to his older sister, the song in the video below he named, “Veronica”.

Stelios was born in Athens to a musical family. Both his parents play the piano which helped Stelios to learn the instrument at such a young age. With his family mentoring him and his passion driving him, he has already achieved so much.

At 6 years-old Stelios was already breaking records after becoming the youngest Greek pianist to perform at New York City’s Carnegie Hall. One year later he performed on Elton John’s red grand piano at London’s Royal Albert Hall.

A very talented young musician with a bright future ahead of him. If you want to see more from this extraordinary pianist, follow him on Facebook or subscribe to his YouTube channel.

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