The Hit Song “Thunderstruck” By AC/DC Has Been Covered A Multitude Of Times But None Quite Like This

ByQuyen Anne

Mar 15, 2024

This amazing performance took place at PercuFest. This festival brings various groups of percussionists together to perform on stage with their peers as they show off all of their musical skills. This particular performance starts off a little awkward. The beginning of the song is undoubtedly offbeat and boring. The maestro is even shown going around to each band member to help them to figure out how to play the song. How embarrassing for everyone involved.

It does not take long for an AC/DC fan to emerge from the audience to show the band how to perform the classic song the right way. After being quieted by the maestro, the fan storms the stage to take matters into his own hands.

What the audience does not realize until later is that the bumbled beginning of the performance and the fan storming the stage were all part of the overall act.

Finally, the real part of the show can begin. And it certainly does not disappoint. Now that all of the real band members are on stage, the magic really begins to happen.

AC/DC originally formed in Australia in 1973. Branding itself as a unique rock and roll band, the group quickly launched to stardom. Yet, nobody has ever covered “Thunderstruck” in this sort of way, combining true talent with humor also sprinkled in.

Watch this video clip of this performance and you will never hear “Thunderstruck” in the same way again. After you have witnessed the distinct performance, be sure to spread the video to all of your fellow music fans.

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