This Teenager’s Poignant Performance At “The Voice” Even Moves Reba McEntire To Tears

ByQuyen Anne

Apr 1, 2024

Reba McEntire couldn’t hide her joy and pride on a recent episode of The Voice. Witnessing contestant Ruby Leigh delivers an emotional rendition of her hit “You Lie,” McEntire was visibly moved, her eyes brimming with tears. To bring the legendary artist to tears like that, Leigh’s performance must have struck a chord.

Leigh, only 16 at the time, shared with PEOPLE, “At least I did a good job. I made Reba happy — I’m complete.” That was all I needed.” McEntire, meanwhile, was quick to praise her protégé. “You blew it out of the water,” she commented, emotional and impressed. Another judge, Gwen Stefani was also seen bawling her eyes out as well.

The tender moment they shared after Leigh’s performance was filled with mutual admiration. McEntire confided in Leigh, praising her for not only following her guidance but also for connecting deeply with the song’s emotions.

Likewise, Leigh gushed about her mentor, likening McEntire’s warmth to “pumpkin pie as a person.” Under McEntire’s tutelage, Leigh has grown, learning to infuse each performance with genuine emotion, akin to storytelling. “She’s not just my coach; she’s a mentor in every sense,” Leigh remarked, emphasizing the deep bond they’ve formed working together.

“One thing for sure is she helps me get grounded into the emotion of a song. Not just singing it like you’re sad — you’re an actor when you’re onstage too. Her crying during my playoff, she said she finally knew what it was like for her mom to be so proud of her. She treats me so well. I don’t think I could’ve picked another coach,” the 16-year-old added.

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McEntire, reflecting on her team before the live show, emphasized the importance of enjoying the moment and trusting in their preparation. “They’re ready,” McEntire stated, expressing confidence in her team’s dedication and hard work.

This heartwarming mentorship between McEntire and Leigh showcases the immense impact a coach can have on an aspiring artist’s journey, though they only stayed together for a brief period of time. Not only in sports, coaches in the musical genre are extremely important as well.

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