Watch a 5-Year-Old Boy Effortlessly Perform Mozart’s Music on the Piano in an Incredible Display of Talent

ByQuyen Anne

Sep 7, 2023

‘Born Genius’: Viral Video Shows 5-Year-Old Piano Prodigy Playing Mozart Flawlessly

Learning how to play the piano could be easy, but mastering the instrument is a whole other ballgame. But this five-year-old boy from Italy has definitely learnt how to master the piano. It looks like the young prodigy was born to play.

A video is going viral which shows the boy, Alberto Cartuccia Cingolani, perfectly playing a piece of music composed by Mozart on the piano. The clip was shared on Twitter by a page called the Good News Correspondent.

Those in attendance to watch the young talent perform were left awestruck by his performance. Many can be seen recording the young master on their mobile phones.

“Enjoy 5-year-old Alberto Cartuccia Cingolani performing some Mozart,” read the caption.  


The video has garnered more than 3.8 million views and over 85,000 likes. People have been takes their hats off to the boy’s talent and rightly so.


In a similar story, a video of a young boy playing the guitar on ‘Lemon Tree’ went viral on social media.

The video was shared on Facebook by ‘Soumen de Singer’, and it shows Rishav De playing the guitar while singing ‘Lemon Tree’ by Fools Garden.

The boy’s singing is so soothing, it almost feels like you’re in a trance when you’re listening to him. Fortunately, we also discovered that Soumen’s timeline was filled with more videos of Rishav’s talent.

Another video of a little child playing the tabla without any effort and singing the Odia song beautifully left the viewers stunned.


The video was shared by singer Sona Mohapatra, and she captioned it as “Best feelings in ages…Watching this.”

Well, some people are destined for great things and these young prodigies have time on their hands to make a mark in the music world.

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