Watch Genesis Play Their Very Last Song Together and Take a Bow at Farewell Concert

ByQuyen Anne

Jan 16, 2024

English rock band Genesis’s ‘The Last Domino?’ tour came to an end for the group that was formed in 1967. That’s quite a long ride for the band that is one of the highest-selling recording artists, with approximately 130 million albums sold worldwide. The tour ended at London’s O2 Arena with iconic drummer and singer Phil Collins making a quip about the band members having to find real jobs now.

The question mark after the tour’s name appears to suggest that it’s open to interpretation as to whether this was their final show. However, to dispel any rumors of the band continuing, the group removed the question mark in the tour’s name and replaced it with an exclamation mark. So, the tour was then billed as ‘The Last Domino!’

Genesis last concert Phil Collins

The group’s final show at London’s O2 Arena was, of course, sold out. “Tonight is a very special night,” Phil Collins told the crowd at the group’s last show. “It’s the last stop of our tour. And it’s the last show for Genesi. After tonight we’ve all got to get real jobs.”

Genesis last concert Phil Collins

Even though the iconic singer’s health has declined over the last 15 years, Phil Collins managed to take a bow. Collins, who suffered an injured vertebra in his upper neck and battled acute pancreatitis, was the last member of the group to exit the stage. Collins, 71, used a cane as he left. It was an incredible visual, displaying the end of an era. It seems absolutely fitting that Peter Gabriel was there since he helped to start the band years ago. Everything seems to have come full circle.



I’m not crying, you’re crying! Indeed, it’s the end of an era. But at least it was recorded. Meaning, it will never die.

“It’s the last show for Genesis,” Collins told the crowd at London’s O2 Arena. “After tonight we’ve got to get real jobs”

Genesis formed in early 1967 when two rival bands at the prestigious Charterhouse boarding school in southeast England came together as one. They ended Saturday night at London’s O2 Arena at the final date of the group’s Last Domino reunion tour.

“Tonight is a very special night,” Collins told the crowd early in the evening. “It’s the last stop of our tour. And it’s the last show for Genesis… After tonight we’ve all got to get real jobs.”

There was a small degree of ambiguity about this being the last tour when they announced the reunion back in 2019. They even called it “The Last Domino?” to leave a bit of wiggle room, but Collins made it increasingly clear as the months went by that he had no intention of continuing with the band after the final show in London. To drive the point home further, they removed the question mark from the name of the tour during this last run and started billing it as “The Last Domino!”

Genesis fans from all over the world traveled to London to them wrap things up, and it was a very emotional evening. The setlist, however, was the same as every other show. It’s a mixtures of radio hits like “Invisible Touch” and “That’s All” with lesser-known tunes like “Duchess” and “Home by The Sea” and a few prog-era classics like “I Know What I Like” and “The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway.” Above, see fan-shot video of the grand finale of “Dancing With the Moonlight Knight” and “Carpet Crawlers.”

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